Thursday, December 3, 2009

Taking the Burger War to In-N-Out

I don't consider In-N-Out to be the second best burger chain in the US (that would be Steak 'n Shake. INO is 3rd. Five Guys is, of course, #1.), but they are the winner in their region. And they have a very loyal and fanatical following. So I eagerly anticipate the Burger Wars that will begin with the large-scale movement of 5G into California.

There are currently just three 5Gs in California. This article in the OC Register mentions they are planning a further 300 locations in the Golden State, and the many of them will start appearing next year. INO only has 232 locations in 4 states, so 300 5G in just California is going to be intense. I've had both burgers, in the same weekend, and I have no doubt the winner will be wrapped in foil and served in a greasy brown bag.


  1. yeah, INO is really overrated. Take away the vegetables, condiments, you have a thin little overcooked patty with zero taste. IMHO. Five Guys rocks!

  2. The long awaited 5 guys in Cinnaminson, NJ store #496 (jay, the owner said that 5Gs bought the numbers between 500-1000 to be used in future expansion). After many months of delay- an additional day was needed becasue Dec20th ws the day after a 25+ inch snow storm hit the greater south Jersey area. I have a picture from the outside. The owner, Jay (his third store I believe) said it was okay to take some inside but the district shemp was there and disallowed it. I took a few before he said no. Glad the new 5g is open