Thursday, November 12, 2009


This week I visited my 49th 5G - a new one at 14th and I in DC - and my 50th, in Ashburn, Va.

They still taste as good. No burn-out yet. And I still start thinking, about halfway through the burger, about when I am going to get the next one.

The new 5G in DC is listed as store number 1001. I am going to see if I can get an explanation as to why certain stores get the out-of-sequence numbers. For instance, Tampa has a store #5000, and Nationals Stadium in DC has store number 5001. All the others appear to be between 2 (#1 was the original and has since closed - more on that in a later post) and whatever # they are up to now, 500 and some.

Also, I remembered that this new store should have been the 118th within 100 miles of my home, according to their webpage store finder, but when I checked this morning it was 115. I guess that means they have lost a few stores recently. I can only find proof of one store closing so far, but I will investigate.

Typing that last sentence made me feel kinda geeky. Maybe I am taking this 5G thing too far?


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