Monday, October 12, 2009

Just two away...


I started this blog because I am just two store visits away from eating at 50 Five Guys (henceforth also 5G). This will be a minor checkpoint on my path towards the goal of visiting all stores, but one that requires celebration. I expect to hit 50 in a week or so.

Look, I said "I" or "my" four times in that paragraph. A good start to blogging!

I think they have added more than 50 since I started this campaign in January anyway. They are opening them faster than I am visiting - the Five Guys Twitter feed shows 5 new stores already in October, and 14 opened in September. This might be a never-ending quest, but what better way to spend life than seeking out new Bacon Cheeseburgers?

Besides documenting my activities, I hope to fill what I see as a terrible void on the web: No Five Guys fans pages. Other than on facebook, and that doesn't count, because facebook also does quizzes like "What color are your fairy wings?" and so is, simply, an unacceptable venue for any attempt at honest Five Guy fandom.

So I hope to cover some basic 5G fan issues, such as:
1) Are they maintaining quality thru expansion? (So far, yes!)
2) Starting our own 5G slang, such as In-N-Out fans have. It has to start somewhere, why not here?
3) Price changes across the franchise - what is the top price, what is the lowest price, by location?
4) Unique locations- such as the National Airport store that serves breakfast, or the big burger sign outside store #5.
5) Closed stores, like the original location or the various mall food court locations that have shut down.

I welcome your comments-

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